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Plus Services Division

Our highest priority is protecting our client’s internal affairs.

Our Plus Services Division offers the following:

Vetting Control services and Employee-Based Investigations
Vetting Control services and Employee-Based Investigations.
  • We offer professional service specialists fully trained in Vetting Control services, which can be utilized alongside human resources with the utmost seriousness and professionalism. Some techniques include applying psychological studies, skills, toxicological reports, polygraph reports, recruitment and retention strategies as well as support for internal investigations during situations involving crisis. .
  • Official accreditation as authorized by the National Public Security System Services.
  • Our staff is fully qualified, possesses real-world experience and is certified by the National Public Security System (NPSS) as well as various international organizations..
Uniforms And Equipment Sales
Uniforms And Equipment Sales.
  • We offer over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of uniforms and equipment for public security institutions, the armed forces as well as for private security companies.
  • All of our uniforms and equipment are manufactured under the strictest quality controls in order to fit the very high standards of production.
High Level Residential Care Program
High Level Residential Care Program.
  • Proven experience in the management, supervision and control of Integral Security for high-level residential areas.
  • Some of the specifics programs for your service include: risk prevention, supplier identification, visitor control, perimeter security checks, distinguished attention to users and the latest in technological advancements.
Social Care And Prevention Program
Social Care And Prevention Program.
  • Services in planning activities that identify the risk environment in strategically important areas as well as the development of preventative activities and social reintegration strategies of target cultures, recreational activities and sports groups