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Cyber Security and Speciallized Technology Services.

Modernity and technological advancement involved, have led us to realize important business partnerships with creators and software developers specializing in security and intelligence for private companies and government, in particular the areas of Public Safety and Military Sector.

Control Y Administracion De Dispositivos
Business Management technology for smartphones.
GPS Control Platform
GPS Control Platform & Monitoring of individuals and vehicles.
Biometric Voice recognition
Biometric Voice recognition software program..
Cyber Security
Cyber Security.
  • Data Base protection.
  • Infornatic Risk Analysis.
  • Cyber crisis response.
  • Forensic Analysis.
  • Speciallized Services like vulnerability detection and electronic cleaner.
Plataforma de Inteligencia para la Gobernabilidad y la Seguridad.
Plataforma de Inteligencia para la Gobernabilidad y la Seguridad.
Techno Safe
Techno Safe.
  • Sistema Integral de Emergencias tecnológicas.
  • Aplicativo al celular para alertas móviles.
  • Sistema de Análisis de datos.
  • Sistema de Monitoreo y despacho de unidades.
  • Sistema de Alarmas locales.
Techno Stats.
  • Sistema de análisis vehicular: Estado del motor, consumo de gasolina, alertas en la alteracion de gasolina, presion de llantas, velocidad promedio, temperatura, etc.
  • Tableros de control de las unidades..